Maine Birch Syrup Feature!

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As you know, we are the world's leader in producing diverse and delectable tree syrups. Everyone knows maple syrup -- but, birch syrup is becoming much more well known. We've seen this growth in terms of interest from the press and in from customers across the country over the past few years. 


Check out this short article on Maine Birch Syrup!


Maine Birch syrup production has been growing; but, as mentioned here is still in its very early phases. As far as Maine Birch Syrup for sale, there isn't much of it. The article goes into just how rare Maine Birch syrup is. This is caused by three main factors: 1) there simply aren't many people making it; 2) it takes over 120 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup (compared to just 40 with maple); and 3) we are one of the few companies in the world using steam to produce birch syrup which is absolutely critical to delivering a great, sweet taste. Any other method almost always leads to burning. 

Check out our birch syrup here:


Check out our maple-birch syrup here:


Glad to see so much interest in Maine Birch Syrup and Birch Syrup generally! 


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